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Ocean Bright Mechanical International Group Ltd
Blacklisted in B2B Supplier/Buyer Blacklist (SBBL)

Ocean Bright Mechanical International Group Ltd
Mascus, Alibaba, Machinery
Ocean Bright Mechanical International Group Ltd, No:4477 Longwu Road Minhang District, Shanghai, 200231, China
Cat D6H Bulldozer
12,001 to 25,000 USD
I was looking for a Caterpillar D6H bulldozer so I searched online and came across Ocean Bright Mechanical Int. Group Ltd. I found its machines price more reasonable than other companies so i started negotiating with Alice Zhou who claimed to be the sales manager. Though i read about the company's criminal activities on supplier blacklist .com but this Alice Zhou was able to convince me and gave her the benefit of doubt. We agreed on the price at $25,000.00 and asked them to fix a ripper on the machine. Alice Zhou asked me to put down mone before they can fix it. I transferred $5000.00 into the company's account in Hong Kong. Because i did not trust them, i decided to travel to Shanghai to examine the machine befor the final patment could be paid. I travelled to Shanghai and Alice and her crook boy friend picked me up from the airport to two different yards and showed me a different machine we agreed on so i became suspicious of them so i asked for a refund. Some members of the group at their yard even warned me not to deal with them but i was deceived by their good hospitality. Alice Zhou told me that their accountant was on holiday in Hong Kong so the money will be transferred into my account when i returned to London. My investigation from some of the members poved that they do not have any accountant so i should ask for my money. When i returned to London, I contacted Alice Zhou who on several occasions promised to transfer the money but at some stage she started making excuses about my swift Code until she stopped responding to my Whatsaap and emails. I hired a Chinese lawyer who did a due diligence on that company and found out that the company is legally incorporated but they were only brokers without any business or assets but moving from one company to another taking pictures to post on their website to deceive vulnerable customers.

From my experience, no customer should transfer money into any accounts to any company especially China companies. I will seriously advise every customer around the world not to deal with any company with Alice Zhou as the sales manager. She is a criminal, scammer who can brain wash you to believe that everything bad written about her company is false but believe me I was in Shanghai with them for one week and had pictures with her so called manager Jack. Please never never deal with Alice Zhou and anyone who wants pictures and proof can contact me for pictures of myself and Jack and I even have the picture of Jack's car. My Chinese lawyer told me to alert every customer that a company that has his office in Shanghai and has his account in Hong Kong is scammer and fraudster. Alice Zhou and her so-called boss are criminals so keep away from them. Never transfer money into their company's account. The best option is avoid them completely.

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