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Kakamarket Co., Limited
Blacklisted in B2B Supplier/Buyer Blacklist (SBBL)

Kakamarket Co., Limited
It was indicated by the seller who is presented as only Ann, who did not accept contact by Skype and kept exchanging e-mail only. Kakamarket used the company to sell electronic products. Sent sample of the products that arrived late perfect and was approved by our company. Was sent with the invoice on behalf of Kakamarket and prompted the bank account was informed this account.

Bank Information:Beneficiary Name: Kakamarket Co., Ltd Beneficiary Bank: The Bank of East Asia Limited A / C number: 120001118830400 SWIFT CODE: BEASCNSHSMN ADD of bank: 102,103 Rooms & 2 / F, 96 Lujiang Road, Siming District, Xiamen, China Remark: Any charge in respect of the goods will be paid by Buyer.

But we decided to make the payment by W.U the ease and less bureaucracy here by our country Brazil.

We made the first payment for this W.U on behalf of: ZUOTING what was wrong and payment can be made. The correct thing "Zuo TING FU" (Last Name: Zuo TING, First Name: FU).

With this error I asked my partner to cancel the purchase because it was very suspicious that something was wrong because when asking to confirm the site or it appeared a link sent by the alleged seller or seller as an electronics manufacturer for mobile iphone and ipad out, what was different from the iPhone display that we were buying. In the following section the seller requested that we make new payment through W.U using another name that would be this:First Name: Xiongfei Last Name: Bian

We corrected the error by first payment W.U the value returned to our account and asked again for my partner closes the purchase and demand is another company because we had many other budgets and more reliable with receipt Paypal. I introduced a company in China which charged US $ 180.00 check the company and another company in Brazil with representative in China, which would charge US $ 300.00 check to the supplier, but my partner decided to believe in Kakamarket company and stayed in loss.

It happened that my partner thought to have received the samples would have no problem with the company. so we made the payment to "Zuo TING FU" (Last Name: Zuo TING, First Name: FU). on April 7, 2016 and to date we have not received more information about sending the product. Various emails have been sent and have weeks of silence from the seller.

Another name for payment of W.U samples

Western Union account; Beneficiary: Western Union Limited First Name: Ru Hong Last Name: Mo Country China Add: Shenzhen

Below the address and contact that was in the making of the samples: Ann Hui (Sales Manager)

Kakamarket Co., LTD web: Tel: + 86-755-83976206 Mobile (China): +8613149904642 E-mail: [email protected]

Kakamarket Co., LTD Add: 15E, Jinghuafu, Longcheng Huafu, Ruyi Road, Ailian, Longcheng Street, Longgang Dist., Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

After this event occurred are looking for Mobile: + 86-15018510847 Tel: 86-755-83976206; Fax: 86-755-83976206

After this event occurred we wanted to have more care and we still believe that we have serious business in China we can buy and trust.

Only accept payments by PayPal and preferably to at least 01 visit China to meet your dealer. See the sample spent more and paid the purchase price of US $ 1,000 would be the value of a return ticket from Brazil to China. Having a reliable and solid partner is the first step to be doing business in China.

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