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Jin Jiang Jiaxing Group Co. Limited
Blacklisted in B2B Supplier/Buyer Blacklist

"Jin Jiang Jiaxing Group Co. Limited" is blacklisted in the global B2B supplier/buyer blacklist (SBBL) database due to reported fraud, scam, deceiving or unethical practices. Business shall exercise extreme caution when dealing with the company.

Jin Jiang Jiaxing Group Co. Limited
XingBan Industrial Area, XingBan Industrial Area, FuJian, 362200, China
Rust Eraser
Under 1,000 USD
US or Canada
Asked for a quote for rubber rust eraser. Had initial trouble getting the item specified, but they sent a photo of exactly the product I was looking for, and after MANY prompting by this company, ("Price will go up soon!") I sent my payment of $850 for 1000 pcs of my product, plus shipping.

They sent a sample. It was entirely the wrong substance, and I told them so.

They sent another sample. Item was acceptable, and I told them so.

They replied, "Size: 80 x 25 x 20cm Quantity: 1000pcs EXW price: USD2.2 / piece Shipping cost: USD358

We are sorry for before our misunderstanding of your product, and our quotation USD0.45 / piece was for the first sample. Noted you are ok with our second sample, but as the material is carborundum, which the material cost is relatively higher, also the cost for production process will be more complex, so the total cost need to be adjusted. Hope you could kindly understand and consider.

We really treasure this opportunity to cooperate with you, so we sent the samples to you to confirm the product, which helped us to avoid causing loss to both of us. Also we have been trying our best to offer you bottom price, once you confirm this, we will proceed with mass production immediately!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Best Regards, Tina"

Did you catch that? They raised the price to 2.5 times the original, "Hope you can accept. So sorry, so sorry." We went back and forth, but they wouldn't budge. Finally, I demanded a refund. They said; fine, but it will cost you $350 to pay for the samples. (I'm getting very angry just typing this.) After MUCH back and forth, I accept my refund, less the $350.

If you're reading this, it's probably too late, because you trusted them like I did and got screwed, and now are trying to find a site to leave a review on. They are crooks. Especially Peter.

All I can hope for is that you are reading this BEFORE sending them any money, and that you will direct them to this page so they can see how the $350 is costing them at lot more in lost revenue than if they had produced my product from the quoted amount, or refunded me 100% of my payment.

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