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IX Company Ltd from United Kingdom, Omran Abdulrahim Abdulla Safar Alharmodi
Blacklisted in B2B Supplier/Buyer Blacklist (SBBL)

IX Company Ltd from United Kingdom, Omran Abdulrahim Abdulla Safar Alharmodi
United Kingdom
Bradley House, Locks Hill Rochford, Rochford, Essex, SS4 1BB, United Kingdom
Canon 7d Mark II
Under 1,000 USD
I found a guy that sells canon digital cameras and I has ordered a Canon 7d Mark II for 690USD and i asked for discount and he given me 600USD and i deal the offer and i ask what payment method do he have and he say he only have Moneygram method i he given me his Moneygram detail after that he has send me those photo of the item to let me see how the item looks and he even sent me that my order is already packed and waiting for payment and ship out. We stopped chatting after that. Then I found out that the photos were found on Google Images and I ask him; are you a scammer? He says; NO NEVER! And then he said he'd send me his personal ID in case that he take my money and run away... and I still not trusted him and we have a chat for a very long time and he asked his boss how to solve this problem and he tell me to pay 50% of the item and another 50% after I receive my camera. So I used Moneygram to transfer 300USD and after I sent him the reference number, he confirmed the payment. And here it started to go wrong! He said his CEO has stopped all shipping including my order. I ask him why is the shipping process stopped, he said his CEO must receive the full payment so that my shipping can proceed, but we have deal a 50% of the item payment and he said his company policy has change this morning but the money already has been collected. So he asked me to make full payment to proceed my item and I tell him that I am not going to make my full payment before I even receive my item. And I tell him; after you proceed my shipping and I receive the item, I will make my full payment. He keeps telling me; you need to make a full payment and then we will ship out the item. So we argued a very long time and I ask him to give me his CEO's contact number and he gave it to me and I contacted his CEO.... Guys, it is a full long story, if you want to know more and read more please email me EMAIL: [email protected]

Hi guy please stay away a from IX Company Ltd from United Kingdom they are scammer even the CEO are scammer the supplier name is Omran Abdulrahim Abdulla Safar Alharmodi and contact number is +17405000524 and his CEO contact number is +234 909 899 1904 and the 3rd party that introduced me to Omran contact number is +1 256 886 1440 and until now I still have the person personal identifical if you guy want to see and read the full story please

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