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Guangzhou Lingyin Construction Materials
Blacklisted in B2B Supplier/Buyer Blacklist (SBBL)

Guangzhou Lingyin Construction Materials
No.241 Qiaozhong zhonglu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, 510163, China
Kitchen units
1,001 to 3,000 USD
It is not so often I feel the need to blacklist suppliers, but I have just had the most terrible experience. I have been running my own registered company in China for 14 years, supplying various building products worldwide. I recently came across a small kitchen supply company called Guangzhou Lingyin, based near Fancun, Guangzhou. Over 2 months ago myself and my wife, who is also my office manager found this company on Alibaba, and visited their showroom/workshop. A small company based down a back street in downtown Guangzhou. We agreed on a price for supply and fit a range of base and wall kitchen units, and also a custom made bedroom wardrobe. Before the above company delivered the product, they went back on their word to supply and fit for the price agreed. They informed us that their promise to fit the units would not be fulfilled, and we must pay for them to send their workmen to install. Time and again they did not arrive and when they did, the fitter who came had no tools for the job. They tried to install but always there was some excuse. Eventually we had to arrange our own workmen to come and fit. The wardrobes were over 30cm too big, and the design had been changed from what we ordered. The workmanship of this wardrobe is terrible, and probably the worst I have ever seen. However, this is nothing compared to the kitchen units. When we visited the company we chose some very nice quality doors in shaker style. What was delivered is a very substandard set of units. Some of the pieces are damaged, and many components were missing. The missing components include, stainless steel sink, corner unit with revolving steel rack, barrel handles, and kickboard. The finish used on the doors is a very cheap plastic coating. The base units are the wrong height and the artificial quartz top looks nothing like the tops we chose in their showroom. We went for a black Galaxy top. What was delivered was a very cheap black quartz, with what appears to be paint splashes rather than speckled highlights. Also, we asked for a small drip edge, which is missing. The tops have joints instead of one piece, and the edges are finished very poorly. We have given the company fair warning of our intentions to publish our complaints on various supplier blacklist platforms, but now, the said company refuses to answer our phone calls and messages. If you are thinking about doing business in China, with this company; please think again. You can contact me at the email address attached, and will be more than happy to supply photos of the products we ordered and also the products that were delivered.

I will never buy from this company again. Absolutely the worst construction materials company I've done business with.

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