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Fujian Auplex Appliances. Co.Ltd
Blacklisted in B2B Supplier/Buyer Blacklist (SBBL)

Fujian Auplex Appliances. Co.Ltd
23# D, Zone, Pushang Industry Park, , Jinshan, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
Ceramic BBQ
12,001 to 25,000 USD
Western Europe
I found this seller on Alibaba. After many emails between us I felt assured this Company could be trusted especially as they were selling within the Alibaba selling platform. However the seller insisted I made payment by International Transfer, thus taking this deal away from the Alibaba market place I was unaware at this time the seller had breached their contract with Alibaba. The goods eventually arrived. Te order was for 28 mixed sized ceramic bbq's. We paid all duties and had them delivered. We started to unpack the goods from their crates, and with the very first piece the items were severely damaged and some cases cracked right through. All but three of the models have serious defects and are unsaleable. I contacted Mary at Auplex explaining the problem first of all I was offered 5$ usd off my next order a complete insult. This rose to 2 free bbq's at my next order. The state of this order would never allow me to order again from them unless they put it right and replaced or refunded this order. Since then I have sent over 70 pictures with proof of damage . This Company refuses to accept any responsibility for these defective goods. I eventually contacted Alibaba to ask for their help and sent them copies and proof of everything to do with this order including pictures BOL proof of payment, invoice copies of emails etc. They state they want to help but keep asking for proof of first contact. I have stated first contact was in November 2014 through the Alibaba website. They ask me to send proof of this, however I can only retrieve messages back to January 2015 the previous messages are archived.I have suggested they can retrieve these messages more readily as it is their website. They state messages between seller and buyer are private. I cannot find them I am sure they could. Basically they are stating they cannot help. Without the Alibaba website I would never have found this seller. I am now i a position whereby Fujian Auplex are ignoring me and now also Alibaba. I know for sure this Company exists and that they have a factory at the address given. However,they are fraudulent in so many ways. They have defrauded Alibaba out of the commission, and have sent me a load of defective goods which are so bad they cannot be sold as seconds when in fact they were sold a first rate goods.

You need to visit China and the factory in question. You should not trust Alibaba is there to protect you. Do Not ever buy from Fujian Auplex Co. Ltd. they are dishonest and fraudulent, they also have no honour. Believe what we in the west are told and that is do not trust the Chinese they are not honest

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