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Asalet Group Factories
Blacklisted in B2B Supplier/Buyer Blacklist (SBBL)

Asalet Group Factories
19 Mayis Mah. Dr Husnu Ozturk Sk No 3 Sisli, Istanbul ,Turkey, 19 Mayis Mah Dr Husnu Ozturk, Sk No3 Sisli, Istanbul, Turkey
Livestock Sheep
100,000 to 1,000,000 USD
We found the company called Asalet Group Factories which means in English ‘dignity', which is i don't think they have. Anyway we visited the company in Istanbul they took us to the abattoir and farm they convinced us off buying from them by giving us discount then we made contract withe them they asked us to Pay 30% upfront in advance then they told us of their past sale they sold product to government various offices including president of Turkey they showed us documents of course they are fraudulent also contracts with ministry of justice in turkey so after all this we trusted them and we paid the deposit which is 72,000 US Dollars and the rest of balance on bank to bank LLC TRANSFER we set a date to go to port to see the shipping procedure we could not get in port so we made inquiry and we found there is no shipping taking place for any livestock whatsoever so you could imagine the rest we phoned them several times they asked us to travel to there office so they can give us our money back.

We went to there office three times but they did not show up. We went to police, they only took report apparently they scammed few other people too. Now hopefully we going to take international legal action against this mafia fraud organization as far as i concern this is international crime and this company may be involved in other international terrorism activity i advice any client to be aware not to approach them direct they may be armed so be careful I hope we all get together and do some thing about them their website should be blocked we are already reported them to police and central intelligence they have no where to hide may the best man win.

Please, please, please don't buy any product from Turkey.

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