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Global Research Weight Loss LTD
Blacklisted in B2B Supplier/Buyer Blacklist (SBBL)

Global Research Weight Loss LTD
23600 Mckean Rd, san Jose CA 95141
Ryan Briggs and jafar tehari
Supplement sexual pills
600 U.S Do
Hi ... I tried to buy supplement product from Globel research weight loss LTD off your website as listed with many products... So I called the phone # that is listed on the company site and after few hours I received a text msg from same phone # as listed on this website Globel research asking me what product I'm looking for ... So after I told him what I want he gave me a good price after that he gave me his name and last name and said he only accept Western Union under 1500 $$ so I wired him 600 dollars for the product I ordered ... After one day he claims that I need it fda license and that my shipment is held in Mexico and I have to pay additional 930$ for them to release my shipment... So I realized this guy is a thief but I didn't know how did he got on your website and have a company name and he only takes people money but won't silver the product ??? .... So I'm asking you to find out who is this thief and I want all his information and his company to be shut down on your website ... Globel Research Weight Loss LTD that what's it called ... I have all the conversation and a copy of Western Union... this is his website along with his phone #...

Maybe that's not his email but all I have from him he sent me an email to scam me for another 930 dollars ..

[email protected]m

Close his company website so he won't steal from people maybe I'm not his first victim... I reported him to the FBI and I'm report your website to the internet police and the FBI if I don't you don't help me get this thief identify and my 600 + 50 fees ...

I only could upload 2 files not enough I have the whole conversation and the Western Union receipt.... This guy scammed me for 600 dollars and you have his website open so he can scam more people ... I need his information to give it to the authorities ...

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