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Pento Business Associates Ltd.
Blacklisted in B2B Supplier/Buyer Blacklist (SBBL)

Pento Business Associates Ltd.
Lane, Valihovsky 6, Odessa 65082, Ukraine.
Svetlana Belyaeva.
buyer of cosmetics and food products and baby products
35000 euro
on the website and many others the company is advertising them self from Ukraine as buyer/agent. the company is a big cheater. they place an add that they are looking for products, then next, when you are in contact with them they promise to purchase the products, price negotiations, invoice proforma, contract,etc. on the end you must to register the products on the territory in Ukraine, what is costly, of course they help to do it (most probably is thier main business) and on the end when they receive the money from registration the products on the territory of Ukraine they disappear. the company Country: Ukraine Name: Svetlana Belyaeva Company: Pento Business Associates Ltd. Address: Lane, Valihovsky 6, Phone: +380734295748 Fax: +380734295748 Request Date: Apr 16, 2018 Buy Request We are interested to buy Skincare, Cosmetics, Diapers and Toiletries products. Quantity: 3 containers load. Payment terms: Bank Wire Transfer. Delivery Port: Odessa Seaport, Ukraine.

do not enter into business with them, they just want you to make register your products on the territory of Ukraine under promise they will buy the products after registration in HDA. after they collect money from registering your products, the company disapear, no deal at all.

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