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Zhejiang Wuliangfeng Pipe Industry Co. Ltd.
Blacklisted in B2B Supplier/Buyer Blacklist (SBBL)

Zhejiang Wuliangfeng Pipe Industry Co. Ltd.
649, Dongfang Road, Linhai Economic Development Zone, Linhai City, Zhejiang Province, 317000, China
PVC Hose
6,001 to 12,000 USD
US or Canada
Recently, we were victim of fraud (bank switch scam) and blackmailing by Scott Leung (employer of Linhai Huafeng Plastic Products) and his General Manager Yao Keru. We paid full amount of USD $9015 for the shipment. However, Linhai Huafeng Plastic Products didn't release the Bill of Lading and blackmailed us to pay another 35% of the payment. When refused to pay more money, our shipment was taken back and we incurred loss of USD$9,015.

Now, couple of weeks back, I came across a new Chinese Company which is operated by same people (Yao Keru) from the same location (649, Dongfang Road, Linhai Economic Development Zone) and same email, but under different name of Zhejiang Wuliangfeng Pipe Industry Co. Ltd. I have added different websites by which these people operate under website section of this report.

This is to alert any buyers that both Linhai Huafeng Plastic Products (already blacklisted here) and Zhejiang Wuliangfeng Pipe Industry Co. are run by same people, who have already committed fraud and blackmail last year.

Be very careful with the Chinese manufacturers. Without proper research and investigation, you may run into fraud manufacturer, who might have been exposed under different name in the past, but is just operating under new company name now. One of the reason is due to incompetency and unwillingness of government to punish the frauds and blackmailers even when the victims provide enough proof to support their claims.

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