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Zhangjiagang Yoho Machinery Equipment Co., Limited
Blacklisted in B2B Supplier/Buyer Blacklist (SBBL)

Zhangjiagang Yoho Machinery Equipment Co., Limited
108 Haixin Road, Nanfeng Town, Haixin Road, Jiangsu, Zhangjiagang City, China
pipe bending machine
12,001 to 25,000 USD
After doing my research online I short listed 9 suppliers from china for my requirement of pipe bending machine. I visited all of them in the month of September 2014. but only one company i visited was having proper manufacturing unit named M/s, ZHANGJIAGANG YOHO MACHINERY EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. & Mr.Anker was the person who came to receive me @ Shanghai airport. he gave us very good treatment. he was very friendly too. rest of all were just big industrial shades with lot of machines in stock. so me & Anker mutually decided to take the trial of one Mold for one of the size of pipe out of my requirement. I paid him $ US 700.00 in cash in China and they manufactured mold with in three days. which is very impressive considering my requirement of accuracy. while I was visiting other suppliers there. we took trial of mold on the existing machine he had in his plant. He was the only person who could speak English there. even an engineer who came to my hotel for discussion could not speak English. which Mr.Anker introduced to me was his brother.

I could not cross check any of the facts he told me apart from visiting his office & factory which is in the same premises. my visit and his approach was very positive so finally after coming to India I placed PO on 02/09/2014 on YOHO MACHINES for manufacturing of one pipe bending machine with seven molds for bending pipes, one chamfering machine & one cutting machine for the cost of 18,000 $ US. which is very good deal he gave me. Along with this PO we paid 50% advance to them. over the period of six months we took trials of 5 molds by sending pipes from India. We got 90% result to our expectations. in between out of good faith we even paid Mr.Anker another 20% amount because he met with some serious accident & as he told me he was in hospital ( which I came to know later on from few of my friends that all Chinese dealers come up with some thing or other to extract money from us).

Now since after three almost successful trials, since it was delayed for long time we decided to take the delivery of consignment. So on receipt of the proforma invoice we paid another 20% to YOHO MACHINES on the condition that remaining 10% would be paid against dispatch documents to him as by this time I started getting feeling that I am being cheated by them. In this condition also forwarder is appointed by Anker and to be paid by us. But Mr.Anker started failing on dispatch repeatedly it went on for almost another six months now. Still we are managing to contact him occasionally & he is been promising us new date of dispatch but now it is becoming very clear that this company has no intention of dispatching our machines. and it looks like I trusted wrong people.

One thing I learned. Never trust Chinese people. Never pay them money before you get your work done. They are your friends only till you feed them. Best way of dealing in China is pay them in cash and get your product dispatched in front of you. they don't understand any other language but of Money.

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