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Yueqing Reliable Electric Co., Ltd.
Blacklisted in B2B Supplier/Buyer Blacklist (SBBL)

Yueqing Reliable Electric Co., Ltd.
Qitou 3rd Industrial Zone, Liushi Town, Yueqing city, Zhejiang Province, 325600, China
5000W Pure Sine Wave Off-Grid Inverter
Under 1,000 USD
My position requires that I handle all purchases for both our U.S. and Philippines locations. As such, in June of 2014, I began purchasing inverters and charge controllers from Yueqing Reliable Electric Co., Ltd., a manufacturer that responded to my Request for Quotations from and

For the first few months, Yueqing Reliable's products seemed good, and, since we were advised by their sales associate Kayla that we need not worry as their products carried "full service warranties", we continued to order all of our charge controllers and inverters from Yueqing Reliable.

In 2015 we began to notice Yueqing Reliable's product (especially their inverters) quality was declining. We received numerous defective inverters, and rather than request replacements (which should have been covered under the product warranties anyways) we kindly offered to repair the defective inverters that Yueqing was selling to us, under the conditions that they supplied us with the appropriate repair parts and schematics (to ensure we were making the correct repairs).

Yueqing Reliable initially complied with this compromise, providing us with the replacement parts. However, after they continually supplied us with defective products and we refused to purchase any additional until they began to honor their warranties (which they never honored in the time we were ordering from them and we were the ones repairing the defective products that they sold to us), Yueqing Reliable then began ignoring our requests. Despite our products carrying a warranty per the terms in which we contingently purchased the products, Yueqing Reliable reneged on the product warranties and now will not return any emails, or Skype messages. As such, I am reaching out to you for assistance in ensuring that honest companies like my own are no longer taken advantage of by scam artists such as Yueqing Reliable.

As an American citizen and an American owned and operated entity, I will pursue Yueqing Reliable's liability to the fullest extent possible. Please file appropriate complaints within your organization so that other customers do not fall prey to Yueqing Reliable's unethical business practices and subpar product workmanship. Additionally, please file the appropriate complaints with the governing agencies responsible for business practices regulations within the Republic of China as Yueqing Reliable has violated a multitude of fair trade agreements that the Republic of China has implemented in order to prevent incidents such as we experienced from occurring.

Our product warranties need to be offered. We should either have replacements for the defective products that we received from Yueqing Reliable OR we should receive a full refund for Yueqing Reliable failing to honor their product warranties and providing us with defective (unusable) equipment.

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