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Yigou International Group
Blacklisted in B2B Supplier/Buyer Blacklist (SBBL)

Yigou International Group
4th industrial zone, Shenzhen, Guangdong , 518031, China
Clothing, electronics
Under 1,000 USD
US or Canada
Clothing was extremely poorly made, not resembling the advertised image at all. Holes in some areas, incomplete stitching, stains, chemical smells, fabric so thin it would not survive washing. Sizes were all inconsistent, none of them correct. Example 3 different dresses of the same size would fit 3 different sized people. Some were stitched completely crooked with differences up to 5 inches. Opening for the neck too small, arms too tight to fit, some waistlines measuring under 24 in. for a size XL Clothing was so bad it could not even be donated! Then there was no communication. Phone numbers incorrect, email not responded to, tracking numbers incorrect. Shipping charges based on weight of product, when delivered actual weight was less than half.

Every single company has hundreds of extreme complaints against it, varying from orders not shipped, orders placed - weeks later claimed not in production anymore, broken or not working, wrong sizes, wrong color, wrong item, sewing that could have been done better by a child, fabric so thin it wouldn't make it through a wash, and numerous more!

The one thing in common is they always have your money in their pocket. Refunds are very seldom given, only partial refunds. Most complainants tell of waiting months to a year before finally giving up. Being blocked from phone calls, their account disabled, no responses to

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