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VNSKY Corporation Limited
Blacklisted in B2B Supplier/Buyer Blacklist (SBBL)

VNSKY Corporation Limited
Hong Kong
Unit 702 7/F. Exchange Tower, 33 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China
3,001 to 6,000 USD
Eastern Europe
We needed a fast delivery of two types of harder to buy semiconductors. We send different inquires and got quotation from VNSKY, Mr. Jack Chan. The quotation was looking OK, serious, the price and all terms were acceptable. We ordered the goods and got a proforma Invoice for 3740US$, which was paid to the below given account. The Bank details were following:Bank: Hang Seng Bank Ltd, A/C No.: 288566409883, Account Name MIK WORLD LIMITED.

The problem is, that VNSKY shipped absolutely other semiconductor components, which we did not order. Both of the components were cheaper and different (more or less similar in function, but far different type and different manufacture, absolutely no replacement or similar), so it seems not to be an error, but an intention. We have tried to call to given phone number (00852-30697714), but it was not working. Tried many emails to [email protected] and [email protected] Then at least four faxes ( 00852-30697724) were sent to VNSKY to solve peacefully this problem or refund the money, but there was no response on any of our messages. Our opinion after that is, that this company is un-serious and their activity seems to have the only target to pump the money from the naive customer.

In case of buying semiconductors there is a big risk of counterfeit components in case of buying from China, but with pure fraud like that we did not meet yet. We recommend to use standard and approved channels to avoid that.

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