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Cargo Service International Logistics Co., Ltd
Blacklisted in B2B Supplier/Buyer Blacklist (SBBL)

Cargo Service International Logistics Co., Ltd
Removed - Blacklisted on Google
Room6008,International Trade Building or Cetra Building, The people of South Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen , China
3,001 to 6,000 USD
Latin America
This scammer know well about freight forwarding business and make bad use of the system. They don't give too much low freight but a little bit lower than other forwarders to be shown attractive. It is very hard to verify this kind of scammer since they actually make booking to shipping company and will deliver booking confirmation of shipping line to you.. this scammer support you very well till they collect cargo and ship out. after then their scam start.. they will pend to send invoice and B/L as late as they can to be shorten your time of decision. after then, they will ask extra cost which doesn't exist.. Even you pay extra money, you won't be guaranteed that you will get B/L safely.

Should be very careful. First ask them to send Booking confirmation sheet of shipping line before sending container. Check if the shipper in booking sheet is same as shipper you've requested. in my case, the shipper name was different company, which I have missed it… ask them to show B/L copy of shipping line. unfortunately, this is also not perfect way. other then that, you may ask and check their forwarding license in prior to start deal. in my personaly opinion, the best way not to be cheated is get recommendation from reliable friend of partner.

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