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Cangzhou Chenghua Chemical Co. Ltd
Blacklisted in B2B Supplier/Buyer Blacklist (SBBL)

Cangzhou Chenghua Chemical Co. Ltd
No 216 Industrial Development Zone Yunhe district Cangzhou City, China, 216 Industrial Development Zone, Yunhe district Cangzhou City, Cangzhou, China
expandable polystyrene
25,001 to 100,000 USD
Eastern Europe
I would like to post here what happened to my frind. He made order of 6 containers from firm called Cangzhou Chenghua Chemical Co. Ltd, with web: and address No 216 Industrial Development Zone Yunhe district Cangzhou City

Order was made end of july this year 2014. The order was raw matterial EPS expandable polystyrene

Payment terms were 30% T/T in advance, 60% T/T 10 days before arrival (so they to send original B/L) and 10% in 15 days after receiving the goods. Till here all good, excepting the payment method, but lets say that if the company is safe and real you can acsept it. Payment was made for 6 conatiners (first were ordered 2 containers and 2 weeks later another 4 containers). The bank information is this: Account name: Cangzhou Chenghuan Chemical co. ltd

number: 827251200002336

Name of bank: OCBC Tower No. 1155 Yuan Shen Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, PR China 200135


After the payment was made (the first 30%) they send documents for insurance of the goods and certificate of inspection that all what is loaded on the containers is the same.

First information from them is that 2 containers will arrive begining of August and the other 4 containers around the end of August. At the begining of August they started to rush my friend to make the rest of the payment because they had arranged all the containers to arrive in same time and to send the original documents. After lots of e-mails my frind made a payment to cover the rest of the payment for all 6 containers and they told him to expect documents by DHL.

Documents really arrived, but only for 4 containers which had arrived in the first port which he wanted. He started to make custom clearances so to take the goods. Meanwhile he asked them to receive the rest of the documents for the other 2 containers. And he asked some B/L number and container numbers in order to check where they are and to be sure that they really arrived. They send copy of B/L , but this copy was with erased B/L number and erased container number.

Meanwhile the custom clearance was made and when he opened the containers to see the goods he found out that the container is full with sand. Only sand and no sign of raw matterial or anything connected with his order.

Now we are going to make investigation and report to the police and everyone who is in charge when such situation appears.

With this forum here I would like to warn everyone - DONT MAKE ANY ORDERS FROM THIS FIRM. DO NOT TRUST THEM AND DO NO SEND THEM ANY MONEY.

Please everyone who knows more about this firm or anything what can help us to write here.

Thank you everyone !

Do not pay to a company you didnt check ! Do not pay in advance big amount of money ! Do not pay T/T !

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