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AMOI Sichuan Jiuzhou Electric Group Co Sichuan Comland Import & Export Co., Ltd L&P ACE TECHNOLOGY(HK)LIMITED
Blacklisted in B2B Supplier/Buyer Blacklist (SBBL)

AMOI Sichuan Jiuzhou Electric Group Co Sichuan Comland Import & Export Co., Ltd L&P ACE TECHNOLOGY(HK)LIMITED
Jiuzhou Electirc Building, Southern No.12 Rd.,High tech industrial Park, Nanshan District, Shenzen, Guandong, China
Sunny Yuan
31,578 USD
25,001 to 100,000 USD
Eastern Europe
SCAM FROM A CHINA COMPANY ( Sichuan Jiuzhou Electronics Group Co., Ltd) USING HONG KONG COMPANIES - 31.578 USD

We are Spanish Company (World Driver S.A. VAT A62589130) which imports electronic products from China since 2003 under our brand LEOTEC: Smartphone Tablet and accessories, we buy to china factories (OEM), most of them in Guangdong.

We met the Company AMOI several years ago ( ) that's belongs to group Sichuan Jiuzhou Electronics Group Co., Ltd ( ) we have always meeting with them, we have bought samples in order to test and evaluate them.

In 2014 there was GSMA Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, we visit the stand of the company AMOI ( Sichuan Jiuzhou Electric Group Co.,Ltd, Stand 6H50). They offered us some models of smartphones, that could be sold by AMOI and other company of the group Jiuzhou communication division Dept., ( Both of them have the office in the same building of the head group JiuZhou en Shenzhen (Jiuzhou Electirc Building, Southern No.12 Rd.,High tech industrial Park, Nanshan District).

We placed a first order of 2000 smartphones on March 2014. As it is normal from china companies , they provided us a company established in Honk Kong that made us the invoice and we paid them (Sichuan Comland Import & Export Co., Ltd., CI-LEOTEC 2014-5-23.xls )

Beginning august we repeated another order of 2000 units, we did an advanced payment of 30% 31.578 usd, but they sent us a Proforma invoice with a new company in Hong Kong (L&P ACE TECHNOLOGY(HK)LIMITED) and they sent us a certificate. I attached Proforma invoice

We have visited the stand of both companies in IFA BERLIN on September 2014 (,c351611 in this page we can appreciate the relationship between the companies Shenzhen L&P Ace Technology Co., Ltd, AMOI y Sichuan Jiuzhou Electric Group Co., Ltd)

The production of this second order started to be much delayed, and we went to China on October and they informed us that (Shenzhen L&P Ace Technology Co., Ltd) have financial problems. The sales person Livia Xiao (I enclosed visit card) is working now in AMOI. They started to say us that this company had not relation with the group, but the office are in the same building, flat 9, now closed. Mr Liu Peng have received us several times in October and 10 November gave us a visit card attached, he told us that he help us and that AMOI will finish the production on 25 November , we asked him to visit factory to check the material.

Director: Sunny Yuan [email protected] Jackson . executive general manager: [email protected] Paul ventas : [email protected]

Our product manager Javier Gómez went to China end November to check the production, he spent 15 days visiting the companies of the group, our production is not ready, they don't give back our deposit and we met a company of the group that offered us to compensate the deposit with future orders...

We believe that the production will not be ready and the time is going on. For us THE GROUP JIUZHOU- AMOI IS THE FINAL REPSONSABLE and must assume in the official way the solution Signed by LEOTEC GROUP Javier Gomez Pescuma [email protected] PRODUCT MANAGER +34 678 768 803 Miguel LEOTEC [email protected] CEO + 34 674 345 699 Mar Campo' [email protected] CEO LATAM +51 999 005 293 Christian Tosi Svicatenergy [email protected] GENERAL DIRECTOR and legal representative + 39348 704 2567

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