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Global B2B buy trade leads/RFQ database contains buying requests (RFQ) from importers and buyers around the world.

You can post buy request for items that you want to import. Suppliers will contact you directly.


Items Wanted Country Date
Original Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 Wanted
China Jul 25, 2011
China Jul 19, 2011
Buy the PE WAX
China Jul 19, 2011
Buy the PP WAX
China Jul 19, 2011
Want to buy Beverages
Cameroon Jul 18, 2011
Match and Pay Procurement
United States Jul 16, 2011
who can supply the low price & good quality steel tube
China Jun 21, 2011
Ladies Sexy Lingeries
China May 02, 2011
Bangladesh Apr 15, 2011
Search supplier (Manufacturer) for finished medicines-tablets, capsules, liquid, injections.....
Ukraine Apr 09, 2011
lead materiel.
China Apr 07, 2011
nickel materiel
China Apr 07, 2011
Molybdenum slags
China Apr 07, 2011
Molybdenum Concentrates
China Apr 07, 2011
cobalt slags
China Apr 07, 2011
copper slags
China Apr 07, 2011
copper ore and concentrates
China Apr 07, 2011
antimony ore
China Apr 07, 2011
lead anode mud
China Apr 07, 2011
tin slags and scraps
China Apr 07, 2011

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