Shenzhen Techwin Lightning Technologies Co., Ltd 

 Product:  2 in 1 monitor lightning arrester


 Price:  N/A
 Terms:  EXW, FOB, CIF
 Spec.:  N/A

Feature: Multi. Protection circuits, Gas-Tube+ TVS technology Dual protection in Common module and different module 2 in 1 protection TVS array technology, low capacitance Multi-Strike Capability

Applications: Designed to protect monitor equipments (power, Video), widely applied in bank monitor & safe guard system. Monitor equipment for school, enterprise, road etc. security and protection.

Technical parameter Model M10-220/D12BF M10-24/D12BF Video part Working voltage ≤ 12V Max continuous operating voltage 15V Nominal discharge current (8/20µs) 3KA Max discharge current (8/20µs) 5KA Limiting voltage (10/700µs) Line-out-conductor ≤ 40V Adopt transmission rate (Mbps) ≤ 100 Impedance 75 Ω Insertion loss (dB) ≤ 0.5 Interface form BNC - K/J Power part Working voltage 220V AC 24V AC Max continuous operating voltage 220V AC 40V AC Nominal discharge current (8/20µs) 5KA Max discharge current (8/20µs) 10KA Protection level (8/20µs) 900V 100V Dimension (no grounding) (mm) 126 * 55 * 25 Working condition Temperature: -40~+85℃ Relative humidity: ≤ 95% (25℃) Note: according to user needs for customization products.

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