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 Product:  1U Flatness Fiber Amplifier
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Applied in VOD broadcasting system and the network which needs inter-cut VOD video streaming signal at branch front-end.


1 Support dilatation of DWDM in future and strongly guarantee the inter-cut at branch front-end for edge IPQAM and other local programs to adapt the forward development of VOD request programs.

2 The design of 1 U gain and flat EDFA can be applied in system of various wavelength.

3 Can extremely enlarge the function and flexibility of system.

4 AGC can keep the gain flatness in the wavelength of 1529-1565nm.

5 Gain and flat 1U can flexibly choose fixed output (APC ) or keep gain of every wavelength(AGC).


1 Special optical circuit 、excellent optical index and low noise coefficient (<4.5dB(typical value)

2 High density AGC and ATC circuit guarantees excellent index. Typical value of power control density is ±0.05dB and temperature control is <±0.1℃.

3 Output power/ gain can be on –site regulated: 0.1dBm regulatory step length.

4 Adopt the only TWM refrigeration circuit technology. Make the refrigerator work in saturation 、greatly increase cooling efficiency 、reduce 30% power consumption 、lower 30% heat、extend laser’s working life up to more than 30% and widen the working temperature scope.

5 Unique circuit design and erbium fiber with mixed aluminum guarantees planarization of broadband. The wavelength is 1535~1565nm, and the flatness is <±1dB.

6 Low CSO degradation is <-70dBc. Unevenness in working spectral lines may cause big change of CSO degradation.

7 Choose AGC/APC( auto gain control/ auto power control). APC is saturation power output mode, which is mainly used in CATV optical power distribution. AGC mode is mainly used in DWDM system, which can do the same size of gain amplification to each path wavelength.

8 Intelligent temperature controlling system: specialized design of heat rejection path ensures the best condition of temperature stability and simultaneously avoid dust accumulation phenomenon caused by fan.

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