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 Product:  Glyburide


 Price:  N/A
 Terms:  CIF
 Spec.:  CAS NO: 10238-21-8

Product name: Glyburide CAS NO: 10238-21-8 MF: C23H28ClN3O5S MW: 494.00 Packing detail: 25KG drum Content: 99% Physical Character: White crystalline powder. Melting point 168-173 ℃. Insoluble in water,slightly soluble in ethanol; acetone; chloroform. Brief introduce: In 2003, America's most popular hypoglycemic agents. A recent survey listed in Table Minge benzene urea brain swelling by preventing the onset of improved animal models. Follow-up studyfound that not using glibenclamide compared with patients who have been taking glibenclamide in patients with type 2 diabetes onsetNIH ratio improved. Usage: Used to treat type 2 diabetes. As of 2007, is one of the World Health Organization Pharmacopoeia of two oral hypoglycemic agents.

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