Jingke Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd 

 Product:  Rotary evaporator


 Price:  us$6500
 Terms:  JK-RE-80
 Spec.:  JK-RE-80 Rotary evaporator

Introduction Rotary evaporator can rotate to be thin film heated at a constant temperature or negative pressure meanwhile solvent is distillated then condensated to be recovered.Particularly suitable for heat sensitive materials’concentration, crystallization, separation, recycling, etc.It is important for scientific research in biological pharmacy, chemical industry and foodstuff。 Feature: AC induction machine with stepless speed regulating,no dynamo brush, no spark, long life。Good sealed system, high vacuum degree, high evaporation rate, high recovery rate。GG-17 material is used for glass console, with good physical and chemical properties。Advanced frequency conversion digital speed regulating and reliable electronic speed control, to ensure electrical performance。Vertical structure ensures higher working efficiency. PTFE sealed material, resistant to solvents, lever goes up and down。air structure is all glass. thermostatic water bath, temperature control and digital display, digital speed, ISO35 ball I collecting bottles。

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