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 Product:  Colchicine


 Price:  $N/A
 Terms:  FOB or CIF
 Spec.:  98%


Product Name¡ºColchicine
Synonym(s): Colchiceine methyl ether. Artrichine. Colchisol. Colsaloid. NSC 757.

Molecular Formula: C22H25NO
Molecular Weight: 399.443
Molecular structure:
CAS Registry Number: 64-86-8
Biological Source: Chief alkaloid from Colchicum autumnale, many other Colchicum spp., several Merendera spp., Gloriosa superba and others (Liliaceae)
Biological Use/Importance: Functions by binding to tubulin and arresting cell division at metaphase. Also inhibits many cell transport systems. Antimitotic agent used to induce polyploidy in plant breeding and for studying cell division. Toxicity has precluded exploitation of these props. for antineoplastic use. Potential HIV inhibitor. Antiinflammatory agent. Used for relief of pain in acute gout

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